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large cork globe

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Product Name : large cork globe

This large cork globe size is 10"x10"x13".The Globe diameter is 10". It is the largest size till now. Meanwhile we offer 2 different sizes as 5.7 inches (mini) and 7 inches (medium). Choose any size that you prefer.


50pcs color push pins will be sent together with the cork globe which is super convenient, to pin your dream vacation destination.


Each small piece of the cork globe is handmade combined. The Stainless steel base is sturdy and the cork globe is easy to rotate .


The mini cork globe could be a nice gift for your friends who love to travel. It will be a hit. The size is perfect and there are enough pins to showcase the adventures. It helps relive the fun experiences.


Nice desk-top size, classy enough to not be obtrusive in most decors for your office, living room, bedroom.

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